Independent Report and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Bulletin Affirm The Need For URLEIA

Law Enforcement remains a perfect venue for persons desiring to act on their racist attitudes and commitment to white supremacy. As the report titled White Supremacists that revealslaw enforcement agents have long perpetrated horrific offenses against blacks while working in their official capacity of law enforcement agent:

The police often participated in or led white mobs to attack black individuals or assemblies.For example, in 1866 in New Orleans, the police led an attack against a convention of black Union loyalists. White police officers fired into the group of black delegates.

An Intelligence bulletin issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) Counterterrorism Division dated October 17, 2006, confirms that white supremacists continue to pursue law enforcement as a preferred occupation. The bulletin states:

Since coming to law enforcement attention in late 2004, the term “Ghost Skins” has gained currency among white supremacists to describe those who avoid overt displays of their beliefs to blend into society and covertly advance white-supremacists causes. References to Ghost Skins appearing on white-supremacist Webs sites describe the concept as a form of role-playing, in which “undercover white power warriors” maintain overt, “politically correct” personas in order to avoid law enforcement scrutiny. The bulletin goes o toe say the Prospective Ghost Skins will reportedly be encourage to join the military to seek out potential new members and receive training that could be passed along to members of white-supremacist groups. Prospective Ghost Skins will reportedly be encouraged to seek positions in law enforcement in order to alert white supremacists of pending investigative action against them.

Law enforcement agents (officers) who harbor racial animus will undoubtedly display their attitudes towards African Americans and others during police encounters.

Available reports and data confirm that law enforcement agents cannot be left to their own devices, absent any significant system of checks and balances.

URLEIA will bring the accountability and transparency we require to shine the light on the actions of law enforcement agents.

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